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Candent SEO is one of the popular website designing company in Patna, providing great digital marketing services including SEO(search engine optimization), SEM(search engine marketing), SMM(social media marketing), content marketing etc. We create easy and expressive digital skills to help you to invite and involve your customers digitally. Our Service in Patna         


When it comes to SEO, there are misunderstandings, misinformation and misconceptions. According to what most of people claims, Google do behaves as such of a black box for limiting the gaming of SERPs. Nonetheless, in recent times, some of the SEO experts have reported Google taking several noticeable steps for becoming more transparent via increasing activity

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing is a way centered on pulling in clients through substance and connections that are applicable and accommodating — not interruptive. With inbound advertising, potential clients discover you through channels like online journals, web search tools, and web-based social networking. Not at all like outbound promoting, inbound showcasing does not have to battle for

What is SEO Copywriting? & its ranking formula

Writing any content (Web-posts, ads, emails, Blog Articles, etc.) Is known as a Copywriting & Unlike report or editorial work, Copywriting is all about capturing the readers to strike action. That activity might be to opt-in, purchase, or engage with a product, company, or overhaul. But if you want your content to top on google,

Start your own podcast in no time

Podcast is nothing but a set of audio clips. According to an American research, it was found that most of Americans commit to podcast to gather the information while few claim that they listen once a month. The stats are clearly depicting that podcast are growing tremendously to gain the attention of people. Yes, you

20 Amazing Marketing Ideas for Startups and Small Business

  Marketing is an expensive and long-term process, and for small businesses, it emerges as one of the biggest challenges.   However, there is nothing to worry about, because there are so many Digital Marketing ideas for small business and startups.     Here are 20 marketing ideas for a small business that will help

After writing almost 1000+ blogs & articles, after establishing the various brand names. Still, people ask me How log it’s gonna take to rank up in Google? All I say every time “It depends”, well it does ….there is no concrete answer to this question If you’re doing client SEO, I guess every new client, without

9 SEO TRENDS to Keep Up With Google in 2017

Howdy SEOers!    It’s the year 2017    Time flies!!     Don’t you agree? Do you know Google processes more than 2 trillion searches per year!! Over the past few years, Google has made a lot of changes that can be challenging for modern marketers and SEO experts to keep up with. Recently, Google started indexing according to mobile search results, cracked

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Website Optimization - CandentSEO

“Treat your website like an employee” Your website works as an employee that works for you 24/7 x 365 days without much maintenance and demands. Your website is one of your sales team and is continually in need of development and ongoing support.  It’s not a matter of build it and they will come. You

One of the best methods for application development is to emerge should be self-evident and clear to the developer, but there are examples of numerous application engineers who don’t invest almost enough energy and time in it. What an application looks like is the principal perspective that viewers notice – even before they download it

85 internet marketing tasks to build your personal brand

Make a small move that starts the cascade of great benefits. Your personal brand is how you appear to the world. Therefore, it serves to reason that a strong brand is preferable to one that is unpolished and uninteresting. We’re living in a globalized, digitized world with a surplus of professionals who can handle nearly

  Most internet users go to Google or a similar search engine to find the information, products, and services that they are looking for online – and offline for that matter. Because of this, anyone who owns an online business knows how important search engines like Google are to their traffic volume. If a high

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