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Advanced Tips & Tricks to Use Google Search Professionally

Are you really searching about how to search? Particularly on Google (A search Giant) Let me tell you something until and unless you are a techno-geek, you undoubtedly still use Google in its simplest form. Did you know that you may not be using Google search to its full potential? You must be thinking it’s

Having a mobile website is not enough to get users to patronize your local business if it doesn’t deliver a fast and positive user experience. The Local Search Association (LSA) issued a report commissioned by BuzzBoard titled “Mobile: Ready — or Not?” in January 2016. Those with mobile websites arguably stand to double the audience of those without

SEO Learn Up in NIT Patna powered by Ventursity

Life is an endless journey, and at every phase, we learn something new. Some things we are taught by the people around us, and some things we learn on our own. I have learned much of what I know on my own. We (Candent SEO) addressed a seminar for MS Hackers Digital Marketing & SEO Learn Up in NIT

Ultimate List of Free WordPress Plugins new

Are you searching for Free WordPress plugins? But don’t know what plugins to install on your blog? Browse Ultimate List of Free WordPress Plugins to get the categorized and most voted plugins. As we all know, WordPress is one of the finest content management platforms (CMS) on the planet. It’s easy to setup, somewhat easy

8 Real Estate SEO TIPS – Make Your Real Estate Website Get Noticed

House Hunting can be really a daunting task. Am I right? When house hunting, 90% of hunters (buyers) use the Internet. According to statistics, 53% of hunters (buyers) start their search online. More than ever, people head online when it comes to looking for homes and finding Real estates.   Home shoppers using search engines

Ultimate List of 200+ Web 2.0 Sites For Link Building

Link Building can be really a challenging and time-taking task, especially for newbie’s to SEO and internet marketing. You must be wondering about many questions boggling your mind. Q.1 – What is Web 2.0? Q.2 – How it can affect your link building strategy? Q.3 – What are the positive as well as negative effects

200 SEO Quotes To Enlighten Your Thoughts About Online Marketing

SEO Quotes – The boulevard to ‘SEO success’ is very wide but complex. Ranking on first page of Google and converting traffic into sales are not decided in heaven. It is decided by your acts you perform to boost your website right here! I’ve seen a lot of never-ending arguments about SEO and internet marketing from leading forum sites.

Increase Your Website Traffic By Avoiding These 10 SEO Mistakes

Want to increase your website traffic via organic search? Start by avoiding these common SEO mistakes. Redesigning your website lets you improve your site’s performance in search to make sure your traffic spikes. There are a some SEO mistakes that you should avoid. Avoid these 10 SEO mistakes when you’re working on your SEO campaign to make sure your efforts pay off. Increase

25 Free & Retina Responsive Latest Wordpress Themes - candent seo

Here is a list of hand-picked selected 25 Free & Retina Responsive Latest WordPress Themes, crafted in accordance with predicted web design trends for 2015. Shophistic Lite is the perfect theme for your shop online. With a beautiful and unique design, is responsive and fully compatible with WooCommerce. The easiest way to create your store

A vivified representation of the creepy crawlies and algorithm that make the inquiry monster(Google) the powerhouse it is today Google is a part of our ordinary lives, something we practically underestimate. In any case, have you ever considered how it functions? In spite of the fact that there are bunches of complex procedures going ahead

Fly High with Modern SEO Trends to Set the Priority of Future Internet Marketing. To formulate user-centric experiences in the future, we have to create practices that resonate with various prospective of Internet Marketing. Companies and individuals must learn more about ever changing modern SEO trends to stay in the game. The ultimate goal of

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