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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a critical part of online or Internet marketing services. Actual professional SEO services start at a time when your website goes live. Candent SEO is the best SEO Company in Patna. Our SEO expert Patna based team utilizes the best SEO strategy for bringing out your website at the top of the search engine organic results.  No bidding wars or clicks fraud in SEO.

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 The requirement of SEO Service

If you’re not in the Top 30 listings of Google, you don’t exist.

If you’re not in the Top 10, you’re probably losing business.

Getting ranking in Google is of course not an easy task. As there are plenty of websites available on the Internet, competition with whom makes your website invisible on Google.

Now despite of the fact that task is tough,

You can achieve ranking in Google via right SEO strategy.

From Candent SEO (the best Digital Marketing Company in Patna) you can expect genuine business growth. Growth not just in rankings and traffic, but also in leads & sales. We moreover ensure you of consulting, implementing & managing your entire SEO strategy for being your partner in growth.


Delivering Organic Growth with Smart & Best SEO Services in Patna | Candent SEO

  • Consistently ranked top 7 in Google for keywords such as ‘best SEO Company in Patna’ and ‘SEO Company in Bihar’ for over 8 years.
  • Besides, 500+ Satisfied Customers across Verticals as well as Geographies
  • Customized, Growth-oriented SEO plans for every type of business.
  • Unmatched Portfolio of clients and brands from all over world.


Why Candent SEO is The Best SEO Company in Patna, Bihar?

Below mentioned are the reasons why Candent SEO (best digital marketing company in Patna) provides the best SEO services in Patna.


Ethical, Organic & White-Hat SEO only.

Candent SEO is a #1 ethical SEO service provider in Patna, providing the best SEO services.

Candent SEO Specialties

  • Proven SEO results,
  • A proven team of SEO experts
  • Dedicated SEO team
  • Rapid response time
  • Low-cost affordable SEO Costing / Pricing / Package Model.

Aware of the Google Panda (Content), Penguin (Quality Backlinks) & Hummingbird (Google Search Console SEO Ranking Results Optimization).

Candent SEO On-Page SEO Strategy

  • Keyword Mixing Strategy
  • Keyword Clustering (Grouping) Strategy
  • CTR Magnet Method
  • Moreover, Canonicalization Aspect
  • Pillar Pages Strategy
  • Keyword Consistency Strategy regarding perfect ON Page SEO & many more…

Candent SEO Off-Page SEO Strategy

  • Keyword Freezing Concept
  • Geo Tagging Concept
  • Link Wheel Strategy Country Wise Classifieds
  • Country WISE Geo-Target
  • High Pr8 – Pr10 High Authority Quality and numerous more…

Additional Practices Exercised Within Off-Page SEO

  • Keyword freezing on the Google First Page within a few months only.
  • Creating all the backlinks manually.
  • Getting mostly backlinks (around 60%) from No-follow sites for avoiding Penalty.
  • Anchored & non-anchored regarding more natural profile linking.
  • Google Penguin, Panda & Hummingbird Safe Submissions Reports.
——No Blackhat SEO—


Future Scope of SEO in Indian Market

Researches reveal that India does own one of the lowest Internet penetration with around only 19% of its population online as compared to several other developed countries. Countries like Japan, US or Europe where Internet users are above 87%.

Indian Consumer Market is perceiving Exponential growth and thus is projected towards fourfold in near decade.


Market Leader with a Nationwide Presence | Candent SEO

With Candent SEO expert’s experience of more than a decade, become a nationwide contender in your business. Being a top SEO Company in Bihar, Candent SEO is having its clients spread across the world. You can avail our top-notch SEO Services in Patna now via calling at +91-9693359212 or emailing at

So, this was all about how Candent SEO [a digital marketing company in Bihar] provides its clients with the best SEO services in Patna and across the world.


What is indicated by web presence?

The web presence of a firm is the complete digital footprint of business found on the Internet. While the website and the written, graphical and video content, it contains the cornerstone of a company’s web presence. There are quite a few other digital platforms where a business might have a presence.

Why does my firm need a growing web presence?

Building a growing web presence will help your firm to reach more new audience. Your competitors are growing their web presence, so you are falling behind if you are not growing yours.

Why is SEO so important these days?

For any online business search engines are extremely important. Most of the SEO Company in Bihar agrees with the fact that over 85% of internet users use a search engine to find product and services. To rank in high search results SEO ensures, your website has all of the necessary criteria.

How long does it take to get my site “indexed” on the search engine?

Best Digital Marketing Company in Patna agrees with the fact that it varies with every search engine. Generally, most search engines will index a new website within a week.

Does good content equal high ranking in search engine?

Not always, to rank high in search engine it’s important to have high-quality content that provides value to your reader. There are other sites that could have content as good as yours. Everyone wants to rank high in the search engine, but after all, backlinks will be the ones to make a difference.

Is negative SEO a real threat?

Unfortunately, yes. Some rival might use unethical ways to outrank you. Negative SEO is a common practice in competitive niches like payday, insurance, loans, etc. Candent SEO (Best SEO Company in Patna) will help you to protect your website from such brutal attacks.

I used to get twice as many visitors from search engine. What happened?

Search engine updates their search algorithm every day to provide a better experience for searchers. Part of these updates consists of penalizing websites that go against the search engine’s rule. But don’t worry Candent SEO (Best Digital Marketing Company in Patna) will help you. With us, you will achieve new heights in your business.

Can you work for us, I am in another country?

Yes! Candent SEO (Best SEO Company in Patna) works for clients around the world.

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